Get in touch if you have any concerns. Where Can I Find The Date My Bridgestone Tires Were Made? Then you need to read on for the whole explanation. By reading this essay, you will pick up some useful tips for determining when your Bridgestone tyres were made. The importance of always purchasing the most up-to-date models of manufactured tyres is well-known. With this information, you can make the best decisions possible about the maintenance of your vehicle. Notably, you should think about using the tyres as about beyond 6 years from the Check Bridgestone Tyre Manufacturing Date. Even if it has some minor cosmetic flaws, you should still use it until then. It’s possible you’re unaware that tyres are constructe using multiple chemical layers. For this reason, you should only use tyres that are within a year of their production date.

How To Check Bridgestone Tyre Manufacturing Date?

How To Check Bridgestone Tyre Manufacturing Date

The Code for Determining the Production Year of Bridgestone Tires

Let’s get right down to discussing the age of your Bridgestone tyres. Numbers on the tyres’ sidewalls correspond to information such as size, make, serial number, design, and production lot. It would also list down data about tyre production on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. After the DOT Serial Number or Sidewall Serial Number, you’ll see a 4-digit number. This number corresponds to the week, month, and year of the tire’s production. You will find this comprehensive collection of data to be really useful. Check Bridgestone Tyre Manufacturing Date.

The time it will be necessary to replace your tyres can be estimate using the same method. Tire checking is an activity in which you should participate. Tire compounds, water, and oil are all things you should be well-verse in. Tires can become worn and damaged through exposure to the elements. If you’re looking for information on how to determine when your Bridgestone tyres were made, we hope you found it here. Far less effort is require, as all you have to do is pay a little bit of mind to the occasional sidewall enquiry. All New TIRE buyers should pay close attention to this How To Verify Bridgestone Tyre Manufacture Date discussion.


Where is the date on Bridgestone tyres?

With Bridgestone and Firestone tyres built after the year 2000, you’ll discover each tire’s ‘birth date’ imprinted on its outside sidewall. This number follows a conventional format of the week and year displayed as a 4-digit number (WWYY) (WWYY).

How do you read a Bridgestone tyre code?

Look for a raised rectangular box on the sidewall of the tyre in a clockwise manner to find the date code. In the box, you’ll find the date code, which is a four-digit number.

How do I know my tyre expiry date?

Department of Transportation (DOT) codes are usually 10 or 11 characters long and can be found near the DOT stamp on the tire’s sidewall. Look at the last digits. There are four digits total; the last two indicate the year the tyre was made and the first two indicate the week it was made.

How many years are Bridgestone tires good for?

  • More than 10 years

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