In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the prices of tubeless bike tyres in Pakistan for the year 2023. Whether you’re in search of replacements or contemplating the switch to tubeless tyres, understanding the price range and available options is crucial for making an informed decision. Tubeless Bike Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023. Have you been looking for the most affordable tubeless bike tyres in Pakistan? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place, because in this piece, we’ll tell you where to find the best deals on tubeless tyres for bikes in Pakistan. It’s common knowledge that bikes with Tubeless tyres are among the most popular in Pakistan and have earned a respectable reputation outside the country’s borders.

Tubeless Bike Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023

For completeness, I’ll include the various types of tyres and their respective pricing below the table. In addition, the service provider now offers high-quality tyres, in contrast to the numerous firms that produce tyres that quickly wear out. To obtain a service tyre is simple.

Different Tyres and Their Prices

Maxxis Mecotra ME3 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 23,163
Michelin Alphin Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 800
Bridgestone nextry Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 000
Nokian WR A3 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 29, 000
Bridgestone A001 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 000
Michelin Crossclimate Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 800
Goodyear UltraGrip 8 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 800
Hankook Winter I Cept Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 000
Jinyu YH11 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 800
Neuton NT3000 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 19, 000
Nokian WRG2 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 9, 000
Falken ZE914 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 800
BF Goodrich Grip Tubeless Approximate Rs. 15, 800
Neuton NT5000 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 19, 800
Bridgestone Turanza Tubeless Approximate Rs. 18, 800
Uniroyal RainExpert Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 000
Nokian H Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 800
Goodyear UltraGrip 7Plus Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 800
Uniroyal rainsport 3 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 15, 800
Nokian WR D4 Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 500
Toyo Proxes T1 Sport Tubeless Approximate Rs. 16, 800

Factors Affecting Tubeless Bike Tyre Prices

The pricing of tubeless bike tyres is influenced by several key factors. These include the brand’s reputation, tyre size, tread pattern, construction materials, performance features, and the inclusion of any additional technologies. It’s vital to consider these factors when comparing prices to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Price Range for Tubeless Bike Tyres in Pakistan 2023

The price range for tubeless bike tyres in Pakistan can vary depending on the aforementioned factors. Generally, prices start from approximately [enter approximate lowest price] and can go up to [enter approximate highest price]. However, it’s important to note that prices are subject to change and may vary across different brands and models.

Affordable Tubeless Bike Tyre Options in Pakistan

For those seeking affordable tubeless bike tyre options in Pakistan, there are several reputable brands and models to explore. Some popular brands that offer budget-friendly options include [enter brand names]. These brands offer a diverse range of tubeless tyres that strike a balance between quality, performance, and affordability.

Considerations for Choosing Tubeless Bike Tyres

When selecting tubeless bike tyres, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just the price. Factors such as tread pattern suitable for your riding style and road conditions, durability, grip, and overall performance should also be taken into account. Additionally, checking customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the tyres’ performance and longevity.


The prices of tubeless bike tyres in Pakistan for 2023 can vary based on several factors. It is crucial to consider your budget, brand reputation, and performance requirements when making a purchase decision. Take into account factors such as tyre size, tread pattern, and construction materials to find the optimal balance between quality and affordability. With careful consideration, you can choose the right tubeless bike tyres that meet your needs and elevate your riding experience.


Do tubeless tires go flat?

With a tubeless system, flat tyres are quite unusual. Small punctures and cuts can be rapidly repaired by the sealant in your tyres. While tubeless tyres eliminate the risk of most flats, they are not infallible.

Can you repair tubeless tires?

After the plug is inserted, the latex sealant can do its job and the hole will be sealed. A tubeless plug kit is a simple and fast solution to patch a flat tubeless tyre on the side of the road, allowing you to keep driving for hundreds of additional miles after the repair is made.

What is the advantage of tubeless tires?

Tubeless tyres, as the name implies, do not use an inner tube. They replace the inner tube with a latex sealant, which greatly increases their resistance to punctures. Without an inner tube, riders avoid the all too common problem of pinch flats when riding at speed offroad.

How long does tubeless last?

  • up to six months

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