MG, a well-known car manufacturer, has made a significant impact in the Pakistani market with its impressive range of vehicles. Among its offerings, the MG HS PHEV stands out as a remarkable choice for eco-conscious drivers who prioritize both fuel efficiency and performance. This article aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the MG HS PHEV, including its price in Pakistan and other essential details. As the world embraces sustainable transportation, hybrid and electric vehicles have gained immense popularity among consumers. The MG HS PHEV embodies the perfect combination of fuel efficiency and performance, making it an appealing option for environmentally conscious individuals. MG’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a greener future is evident in this vehicle.

Overview of the MG HS PHEV

The MG HS PHEV is a stylish and practical SUV that offers the best of both worlds. It seamlessly integrates a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor, providing drivers the flexibility to switch between hybrid and electric modes based on their preference and driving conditions. This intelligent power management system ensures a smooth and efficient driving experience.

Key Features and Specifications

Battery and Electric Range

Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, the MG HS PHEV can travel a considerable distance on pure electric power. Its electric range extends for XX miles, allowing drivers to conveniently run errands or commute short distances without relying on the internal combustion engine. The battery can be easily charged using a standard wall socket or dedicated charging stations.

Performance and Powertrain

The MG HS PHEV boasts a powerful hybrid powertrain that delivers impressive performance while maintaining excellent fuel economy. With a combined power output of 119 (162) / 5,500, the vehicle ensures a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience. The hybrid system optimizes power distribution, providing seamless acceleration and improved efficiency.

Design and Interior

The sleek and contemporary design of the MG HS PHEV features aerodynamic lines and eye-catching details. Inside the vehicle, you’ll find a spacious interior with ample legroom and comfortable seating, ensuring a pleasant journey for both the driver and passengers. Advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking provide added peace of mind.

MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan

The price of the MG HS PHEV in Pakistan may vary due to several factors. The base price for this hybrid vehicle starts at PKR 8,499,000, making it an attractive option in the hybrid vehicle segment. However, additional features, customization options, and import duties may influence the final price.

When compared to other hybrid and electric vehicles available in the Pakistani market, the MG HS PHEV offers a competitive price point. Its affordability, advanced technology, and stylish design make it an appealing choice for consumers seeking greener mobility solutions.

Availability and Dealerships

MG has established a robust presence in Pakistan, with an extensive network of dealerships and service centers across major cities. Prospective buyers can visit their nearest MG dealership to explore the MG HS PHEV and gain valuable insights from knowledgeable sales representatives. Additionally, MG provides comprehensive after-sales support, including warranty coverage and maintenance services.

Benefits of the MG HS PHEV

Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings

The MG HS PHEV’s hybrid technology significantly improves fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings for drivers. By utilizing the electric motor for shorter trips and urban driving, the vehicle reduces reliance on the combustion engine, leading to improved mileage. The regenerative braking system further enhances efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration.

Environmental Impact

Opting for the MG HS PHEV allows drivers to make a positive contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing harmful emissions. The vehicle’s electric mode enables zero-emission driving, promoting cleaner air quality and a healthier environment. Embracing hybrid technology is a step toward a more sustainable future, and the MG HS PHEV offers an accessible and practical solution.


MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan Booking Details

MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan Booking Details

MG HS PHEV Booking Details

If you’re interested in booking the MG HS PHEV, here are the essential details you need to know:

Visit an MG Dealership: To initiate the booking process, visit your nearest MG dealership in Pakistan. The dealerships are equipped with trained staff who will guide you through the booking procedure.

Choose Your Variant: The MG HS PHEV offers different variants with varying features and specifications. Select the variant that best suits your preferences and requirements.

Discuss Pricing and Payment Options: Consult with the MG dealership to get detailed information about the pricing of the MG HS PHEV variant you have chosen. They will provide you with the exact cost, including any additional features or customization options you may have selected. Additionally, inquire about the available payment options, such as upfront payment or installment plans.

Provide Required Documents: To proceed with the booking, you will need to provide certain documents, including your valid identification, proof of address, and any other documents requested by the dealership. Ensure you have these documents ready to expedite the process.

Pay the Booking Amount: Once you have finalized the variant, pricing, and payment options, you will be required to pay a booking amount to secure your order. The dealership will inform you about the booking amount and the accepted payment methods.

Confirmation and Delivery: After completing the booking process and paying the booking amount, you will receive a confirmation from the dealership. They will provide you with an estimated delivery timeline for your MG HS PHEV. Stay in touch with the dealership to receive updates on the progress of your order.

Complete the Purchase: When your MG HS PHEV is ready for delivery, the dealership will notify you. At this stage, you will need to complete the remaining payment, including any applicable taxes, registration fees, and insurance costs. Review the purchase agreement and sign the necessary documents as per the dealership’s requirements.

Take Delivery of Your MG HS PHEV: Once the payment formalities are completed, you can schedule a date and time to take delivery of your MG HS PHEV. The dealership will guide you through the process and provide a comprehensive handover, including a demonstration of the vehicle’s features and functionalities.


In conclusion, the MG HS PHEV presents an enticing option for environmentally conscious individuals seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and sustainability. With its competitive pricing, advanced features, and stylish design, this plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has the potential to revolutionize the Pakistani automotive market. By combining the benefits of hybrid technology with MG’s commitment to innovation, the MG HS PHEV is a compelling choice for those looking to embrace greener mobility.


How long does it take to charge the MG HS PHEV’s battery?

Charging times may vary depending on the charging method and available power supply. On average, using a standard wall socket, a full charge may take approximately 5 to 6 hours. However, utilizing dedicated charging stations or fast-charging options can significantly reduce charging times.

Can the MG HS PHEV run solely on electric power?

Yes, the MG HS PHEV can operate in pure electric mode, relying solely on the electric motor for propulsion. This mode is ideal for short trips and city driving, providing a quiet and zero-emission driving experience.

Does the MG HS PHEV qualify for government incentives or tax breaks?

Government incentives and tax breaks for hybrid and electric vehicles may vary by region and country. It is advisable to consult local authorities or MG dealerships to determine the available incentives and eligibility criteria.

What warranty coverage is offered for the MG HS PHEV?

MG provides a comprehensive warranty package for the HS PHEV, covering various components and systems. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty can be obtained from MG dealerships.

Is the MG HS PHEV suitable for long-distance travel?

Yes, the MG HS PHEV is designed for both short commutes and longer journeys. With its hybrid powertrain, it offers the flexibility to switch between electric and hybrid modes, ensuring optimal efficiency and range. The vehicle’s internal combustion engine provides additional power for extended drives, eliminating range anxiety commonly associated with pure electric vehicles.

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