Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan introduced a plan for the MG HS PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in Pakistan. The MG HS PHEV is the latest electric car available in Pakistan. This car has advanced technology and a stylish design. MG HS PHEV is available in the local market with price in Pakistan booking details. This car provides performance and affordability which is a super option the consumers who search for the latest car. On this web page, we will take a look at the MG HS PHEV price in Pakistan and the details for booking this electric car. If you want to buy a family car or a stylish and eco-friendly car, the MG HS PHEV is the best choice.

MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan Booking Details

MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan Booking Details

MG HS PHEV Price in Pakistan 2023

The MG HS Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) costs Rs. 8,499,000 in Pakistan, making it the most expensive SUV there. However, given that it is a hybrid car that, according to the firm, has an average fuel efficiency of 55 km/l, the price is in some ways justified.

MG HS PHEV Booking Price in Pakistan 2023

According to recent sources, MG is also accepting reservations for the HS PHEV. Although the update says that the vehicle is priced at Rs. 8,499,000 the booking amount for the vehicle is Rs. 2,500,000. It appears that the HS PHEV is aimed at high-end automotive purchasers.


In conclusion, the widely awaited MG HS PHEV is an electric SUV that successfully combines performance, comfort, and cost. The MG HS PHEV is destined to become a well-liked option for consumers in Pakistan because to its cutting-edge technology and chic style. The MG HS PHEV is a top pick whether you’re searching for a family vehicle, a city commuter, or simply a chic and environmentally responsible vehicle. You can decide if this electric SUV is the best option for you by researching the MG HS PHEV price in Pakistan and the booking information. So, with the MG HS PHEV, start along the path to a more fashionable and environmentally friendly future.


What is the price of PHEV in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the MG HS PHEV 2023 costs PKR 8,499,000.

Is MG booking refundable?

Please visit 48 hours after initiating your cancellation request. Your request to cancel was granted. Refund has been started, and it should appear in your account in 5-7 business days.

How long does MG HS PHEV take to deliver in Pakistan?

Bookings for the MG HS PHEV with a 3 month delivery window are now being taken  for PKR 2.5 Million. Here are some key details and characteristics of the MG HS PHEV in Pakistan.

Is MG HS made in Pakistan?

Compact crossover SUV known as the MG HS is made by Chinese automaker SAIC Motor under the British MG brand. The car was introduced in 2018, taking the place of the MG GS.

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