Nowadays, in our fast-paced society, having a motorcycle is no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity for numerous individuals. Suzuki, a well-known motor vehicle company, has acknowledged the demands of its customers and has recently launched an appealing installment plan for their bikes in 2024. Introducing the Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2024, which comes with zero interest. Suzuki has made it easier for people to own their dream bikes by introducing a zero-interest installment plan for 2024. This plan allows individuals to choose their preferred Suzuki bike and pay for it in convenient monthly installments. The initiative aims to make bike ownership more accessible and affordable. The plan offers competitive rates, no hidden charges, various down payment options, minimal documentation charges, and priority deliveries. Customers can avail of the installment scheme if they meet the eligible criteria. The plan includes models such as GD 110S, GS 150, GR 150, and GSX 125, with detailed payment schedules based on advance payment percentages and the number of installments. For more details, customers can contact Suzuki’s company-owned outlets.

So, if you have been dreaming of owning a Suzuki bike, the year 2024 is the perfect time to turn that dream into reality. With the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without worrying about excessive financial burdens. Visit your nearest Suzuki showroom, explore the available models, and inquire about the installment options to embark on an exciting journey with your very own Suzuki bike.

The Price of Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan

The Suzuki GR 150 is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. As of 2024, the price of the Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan stands at  547,000. This powerful and stylish bike offers a thrilling riding experience and is now more affordable with the installment plan introduced by Suzuki.

The Installment Plan of Suzuki Bikes through Banks

Suzuki has collaborated with various banks to offer customers convenient installment plans. These plans allow potential buyers to finance their Suzuki bikes through easy monthly installments. The exact details of the installment plan may vary depending on the bank and the model of the bike. However, the key feature of these installment plans is that they come with zero markups, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2024 With Zero Interest

Suzuki Instalment plans 2024

The Price of Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan through Banks

With the installment plan option, owning a Suzuki bike in Pakistan has become more feasible for a wider audience. Through the collaboration with banks, Suzuki offers competitive prices for its bikes, allowing customers to pay in installments rather than making a lump-sum payment. The price of a Suzuki bike through a bank in Pakistan will depend on factors such as the model, variant, and any additional features chosen by the buyer. By opting for the installment plan, customers can spread out the cost over a defined period, making it more manageable for their budget.

GD 110S Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 110 cc
  • Price:  352,000
option Down Payment Monthly Installment (Till 23rd Month) Last Month Installment
1st PKR 123,200 PKR 9,600 PKR 8,000
2nd PKR 3,700 PKR 9,800 PKR 8,400

Suzuki GD 110S 
Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2024 With Zero Interest

Suzuki GS 150 Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 382,000
Option Down Payment Monthly Installment (Till 23rd Month) Last Month Installment
1st PKR 133,700 PKR 10,400 PKR 9,100
2nd PKR 191,000 PKR 10,700 PKR 9,10

Suzuki GS 150

Suzuki GR 150 Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 547,000
Down Payment Monthly Installment (Till 23rd Month) Last Month Installment
PKR 273,500 PKR 11,400 PKR 11,300

Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki GSX 125 Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 125cc
  • Price: 499,000
Option Down Payment Monthly Installment (Till 23rd Month) Last Month Installment
1st PKR 174,650 PKR 13,600 PKR 11,550
2nd PKR 249,500 PKR 13,900 PKR 13,200

Suzuki GSX 125 
Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2024 With Zero Interest


Suzuki has made owning a bike in 2023 easier and more affordable with its installment plan. By removing the concept of markup, Suzuki has empowered customers to fulfill their dreams of owning a Suzuki bike without worrying about excessive interest charges. Whether it’s the Suzuki GR 150, GS 150, GD 110S, or GSX 125, the installment plans offered by Suzuki through its collaboration with banks make these bikes accessible to a wider audience.


What is the price of Suzuki 150 in Pakistan 2024 model?
This Suzuki GS 150 Red – 2024 Model can be yours for only PKR 382,000.
Which bike does not give back pain?
A recumbent bike is a great option for long rides without causing back pain. This type of bike has a seat that is more like a chair, which helps to support your back and takes the pressure off of your spine.
Which bike is common in Pakistan?
Honda CD 70 bikes in most popular bikes in Pakistan.
What is the top speed of the Suzuki GSX 125?
The GSX-R125 topped MCN’s speed chart with a speedometer reading of 72.75mph and also topped their track day table making it the most fun 125cc bike to ride.
What is the fastest Suzuki bike?
2022 Hayabusa
The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa reaffirms its status as motorcycling’s Ultimate Sportbike.

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