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New for 2023, Unique has released its UD 125 model. This is the pricing of a Unique UD 125 in Pakistan in 2023; D.S motors was founded in 2004. The plant was established to produce and assemble bicycles under the “UNIQUE” brand. The firm produces bikes with CDI systems in 70cc and 125cc sizes, as well as four-stroke engines. The Unique UD 125cc 2023 is competing for head-on with the best-selling motorcycles in its class. It follows the standard layout for 125cc motorcycles, with a similar headlamp, seat bar, handlebar, and taillight. Its vibrant paint job and screen graphics set it apart from other bikes of the same size. On the road, it performs admirably, and its gas mileage won’t put a dent in your budget. You’ll have a blast on the open road thanks to the gorgeous new design of the Unique UD 125cc 2023.

United UD 125 2023 Price in Pakistan

Unique UD 125 Price in Pakistan

The expected price of Unique UD 125 in Pakistan is PKR 75,500

Excellent Exterior

United 125’s external design was inspired by the elegance of the early 20th century. The exterior of United 125 is sleek and aerodynamic. The fact that the frame is interchangeable with the Honda 125 places it among the best motorcycles available today. The appearance is complemented by a plush pillion that adds to the rider’s comfort. The motorcycle’s safety guard is convenient for carrying gear and the rider’s helmet when walking or running and is designed to keep the rider safe.

Unique UD 125cc Excellent Exterior

Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Very Low Mileage
  • Audible Vibrations of an Engine
  • Great deal of vibration.
  • Subpar Quality
  • Nothing to Resell
  • Completely Disappointing

Unique UD 125 2023 Design

It’s attractive and well-made. The updated graphics on the UD 125 fuel tank enhance that it’s already chic aesthetic. The Unique 125 is a well-liked motorcycle due of its sophisticated performance and low fuel consumption. The powerful 4-stroke motor of the UD 125cc is air-cooled, making it one of a kind. The 12 liter fuel capacity and exceptional gas mileage of the special UD 125cc are two other advantages. The dry weight of the one-of-a-kind UD 125cc is 120 kg. For people who are looking to upgrade their way of life, this is the best option. The unique UD 125cc seat is plush, and the bike’s robust shock absorber makes even the worst road conditions tolerable. Its front light reminded me of a bulky motorcycle.

Unique UD 125 2023 Features

  • Price very affordable
  • Available in black and red color and featuring new tank graphics
  • Wet multi-type clutch
  • Four-speed Mash transmission
  • Start immediately.
  • Four-stroke SOHC one-cylinder air-cooled motor
  • Good mileage
  • Tank for Petrol and fuel-efficient with the capacity of 9 litres
  • Kick start system
  • Front disc brakes with discs
  • Drum brakes rare
  • Diamond Type Steel frame
  • Cheaper spare parts

Unique UD 125 2023 Specification

Price PKR 75,500
Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate
Horsepower 0.0 HP @ 0.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Petrol Capacity 12L
Starting Kick & Electric Start
Dry Weight 120KG
Ground Clearance 140mm
Tyre at Back 3.00 – 17
Dimension(Lxwxh) 1911 x 732 x 1016 mm
Displacement 125 cc
Transmission 5-speed
Torque 0.0 Nm @ 0.0 RPM
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Fuel Average 34 to 37 KM/L
Top Speed 120 KM/H
Frame Diamond Type Steel
Wheel Size
Tyre at Front 2.50 – 2.50

Unique UD 125 2023 Competitors

Unique UD 125cc 2023 compete with Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 ,Aprilia RS 125 and Kawasaki GTO 125 in the market.


 Ravi Piaggio Storm 125

  • The Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 112,000
  • Displacement of Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 is 126 cc
  • Fuel Average is 60 KM/L
  • Top Speed Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 is 110-120 KM/H Ravi Piaggio Storm 125


Aprilia RS 125

  • The Aprilia RS 125 Price in Pakistan is PKR 625,000
  • Displacement of Aprilia RS 125 is 124cc
  • Fuel Average is 25.0 KM/L
  • Top Speed is100 KM/HAprilia RS 125




 Kawasaki GTO 125

  • The  Kawasaki GTO 125 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 15,000 – PKR 250,000 
  • Displacement of  Kawasaki GTO 125 is 124 cc
  • Fuel Average is 45.0 KM/L
  • Top speed is100 KM/H Kawasaki GTO 125



What is the most reliable 125cc?

Their are some best 125cc motorbikes
  • Built Spirit Gold Black.
  • Suzuki GSX-R125.
  • Yamaha YZF-R125.
  • Honda CB125R.
  • KTM 125 Duke.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 125.
  • Aprilia RS 125.
  • Yamaha MT-125.

How long do 125cc engines last?

Easily over 60,000 miles if built properly and managed adequately

Are 125cc fuel efficient?

A four-stroke 125 can reliably achieve sixty miles per gallon on a good road without any special adjustments or riding style, and it is possible to achieve one hundred if you try to relax. When you try to operate your Honda 125 at full speed, you could get 65–70 miles per hour.

Which model of 125 is best?

 Some of the Best 125cc Bike in Pakistan 2023
  • Ghani Gi 125cc 2023
  • Zxmco ZX 125 Euro 2 2023.
  • United 125 Deluxe 2023.
  • Road Prince RP 125 2023
  • Hero 125 2023
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