We will provide detailed information on the top five-selling bikes in Pakistan in 2023. Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki were once thought to be the sole motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan. There are now numerous manufacturers who produce bikes with various engine sizes such as 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, and 300cc. Among these manufacturers are Chinese-made bikes as well as local names like Road Prince, Unique, Super Asia, and Pak Hero. These bikes are cheaper and more elegant than well-known models such as the Honda70, Suzuki 100, and Yamaha Dhoom. Chinese-made bikes have gained popularity in Pakistan, becoming some of the top-selling models on the road due to a preference for a price above quality. We will present a list of the top 5 selling bikes in Pakistan, along with their characteristics, in this post.

Top 5 Selling Bikes in Pakistan 2023

If you’re seeking to start your own business, now is a wonderful moment to get a bicycle. It’s a terrific way to get started, whether you choose an electric or regular bike. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve created a list of the year’s best-selling motorcycles. The following are the top five:

  1. Honda CD 70
  2. Honda CG 125
  3. Yamaha YBR 125
  4. Suzuki GD 110S
  5. Super Star 70 cc

Honda CD 70

The Honda CD 70 is a widely sought-after motorbike in Pakistan, famous for its dependability and ability to perform well on all types of terrain. It’s a popular choice among adventurers, and it comes in both standard and deluxe variants, with a range of color options. The Honda CD 70’s versatility and cost will appeal to both metropolitan and country riders. The deluxe model also has a stylish body kit, which adds to its visual attractiveness. The most recent model comes in a variety of colors, making it simple to choose the perfect one for your taste.

Top 5 Selling Bikes in Pakistan

Honda CG 125

The Honda CG 125 is a popular motorcycle in Pakistan, with a 124 cc engine producing 25 horsepower. Its hydro-dynamically engineered body panels give it a particular design edge. The Honda CG 125 is powered by an air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder OHC engine that can attain 105 kph with a range of 55-60 kph. It is available in both kick and electric start versions and is considered to be quite affordable when compared to other bikes in Pakistan.

Top 5 Selling Bikes in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR 125

The Yamaha YBR 125 is a four-stroke, 125cc motorcycle that is ideal for first-time riders. With a weight of only 100 pounds, it is simple to move by truck or car. The Yamaha YBR 125 is not only eco-friendly, but it is also a good choice for individuals trying to lessen their carbon impact. This bike is one of the most fuel-efficient alternatives on the market, with a fuel economy of 100mpg.

Top 5 Selling Bikes in Pakistan

Suzuki GD 110S

Because of its durability and longevity, the Suzuki GD-110S is a popular choice in Pakistan. It is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC engine measuring 113 cc. The engine has internal dimensions of 51.0 x 55.2 and a compression ratio of 9.4:1. The Suzuki GD-110S includes a 9-liter gasoline tank and a self-starting capability, which provides it an advantage over its competition. It also includes an electronic starter and a kick starter, making it simple to start. A discharge capacitor ignition system (CDI) and front and rear suspension systems are also included on this motorcycle. The front suspension consists of a Telescopic Coil Spring with oil-damped levels, while the rear suspension consists of a swing arm, a Coil Spring, and an Oil Emission Spring.

Top 5 Selling Bikes in Pakistan

Super Star 70 cc

The Super Star SS-70 is one of Pakistan’s most popular 70cc Chinese bikes, thanks to its modern design and updated aesthetics. It has a graphic line on the gasoline tank, robust side panels, and is in fantastic shape.The Super Star SS-70 is more desirable because of its brighter and more noticeable headlights. The most recent model has also been updated with a new speedometer. The new Super Star SS-70 2022 model is available in two color options: red and black.

Super Star 70 cc


This is a list of the top 5 selling bikes in Pakistan for 2023, complete with specifications and characteristics. It’s worth mentioning that the majority of the motorcycles on this list are either Chinese-made or manufactured locally. While branded bikes have their own worth, if you’re on a tight budget, locally-made and Chinese bikes can be a terrific option. These bikes are capable of meeting your daily needs and requirements. If you have any suggestions or reviews for the best-selling motorcycles in Pakistan, please share them in the comments area below.


Which bike is best bike in Pakistan?

The Honda CD 70 is the most popular motorcycle in Pakistan thanks to its incredible fuel efficiency of 70 KMH per litre, low maintenance requirements, accessibility to spare parts, and excellent resale value even if it is damaged.

What is the price of CD 70 2022 model?

The most recent Honda CD 70 cost in Pakistan is Rs. 102,900.

  1. Yamaha YBR125
  2. Honda CB125F
  3. Yamaha YBR125G
  4. Yamaha YB125Z
  5. Honda CG125

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