The growing number of cars on huge city highways keeps traffic bumper to bumper. While bumper-to-bumper traffic is unavoidable in slow traffic, keeping your spacing as cars speed up is crucial. The video below illustrates why drivers should follow the 3-second rule to avoid accidents. Every motorist and motorcyclist should obey the 3-second rule the Safe Following Distance.

3 Second Rule the Safe Following Distance

3-second rule

  • Take a lamppost, tree, or road signboard and count the seconds after the vehicle in front of you crosses it.
  • Your vehicle should cross the same item in 3 seconds.
  • This regulation keeps your vehicle a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and gives it ample road to stop in an emergency.

The Time Required to Stop (driving an average family car)

It’s important to remember that many variables, including as speed, tyre tread, and road quality, can impact stopping distance. Vehicles may require more time to slow down in rainy weather due to reduced traction, increasing the required stopping distance. This is why drivers need to take it easy on the gas when the roads are wet, and why anyone travelling at speeds over 80 kilometres per hour should keep at least a five-second buffer between themselves and the car in front of them. Everyone should adhere to the 3-second rule for regular vehicles and the 5-second rule for larger vehicles in order to remain in the safe braking zone and prevent accidents.

The Time Required to Stop


Why is a 3 second following distance good?

It takes about a second and a half to become aware of a potential danger in your path, and another second and a half to react by using the brakes and reducing your speed. You should leave at least three seconds between your car and the one in front of you.

Where does the 3 second rule apply?

According to the O3 rule, a team’s offensive player is not allowed to remain in the lane for more than three seconds while in possession of the ball.

How many Metres is the 3 second rule?

  • 50 metres

How many feet is the 3 second rule?

  • 264 feet

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