If you’re familiar with the process and what to watch out for, renting a car in Pakistan is a breeze. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta all have airports with vehicle rental agencies, and these airports and cities are served by small, medium, and global car rental agencies. How to Rent a Car in Pakistan and Avoid Extra Charges?

How to Rent a Car in Pakistan and Avoid Extra Charges?

How to Rent a Car in Pakistan and Avoid Extra Charges?

Where to find the cheapest rental cars in Pakistan and how to get them

Pre-reserve your rental car

Vacation and cross-country trips are perfect opportunities to plan ahead and reserve a car well in advance of your actual needs. Recently, I was looking at renting a car from Lahore-based companies for a 10-day trip to the northern regions of Pakistan with my family. After deliberating for a month, I decided to rent a car for 10 days, but the price had increased to PKR. 35,000 owing to the start of peak season. A helpful hint is to check the websites of multiple automobile rental agencies in advance and make a reservation if you find a decent deal. Because there are no cancellation fees when you make your reservation, you may always cancel it if you find a cheaper alternative.

Time Period of Car Rental

Prices for car rentals typically start and end with a full day. If you rent a car at 11 a.m. and return it at 12 p.m., you may be charged for two days.


  • If you are diligent about when you rent the car, you can avoid these fees. If you need a car for five days but can rent it for six at a discount or for free, you won’t have to worry as much about returning it on time.

In other words, is it automatic or do you have to manually operate it

In Pakistan, the majority of cars have manual transmission, therefore renting an automatic vehicle comes at a premium. Due to the fact that automatic gearbox is typically only found in newer or higher-end vehicles, these might be surprisingly more than manual vehicle. What you should do? If you are good at driving automatic vehicle then with just a little bit of practice you’ll be able to drive manual car and that can save you whole lot of money when you rent for long term.

Size Does Matter

Small economy cars are not very small in size actually, and they can easily fit 4 persons especially when you don’t have extra oomph for overtaking. And, it is also good when you are going into inner parts of the old town or in the villages. My advice is to opt for a small car when you don’t have much luggage. When you think you need extra space or bit more roomy interior then compact sedan will be the option you should go for.

Fuel Charges

This one gets tricky at times especially when the agencies rent out the vehicle with full tank. Some of the agencies also renting empty tank cars with enough fuel to take you to the petrol station. In both cases, full-empty and full-full you may end up giving free fuel to the company. You have to make sure to spot the nearest petrol station (ideally within 5km) to the rental office. This will give you the idea of how much petrol you need to leave in car to safely reach the office when returning.

Driver Charges

Most of the car rental companies include driver with the vehicle and you have to pay extra charges for that. There are few companies that still offer rental vehicle without driver with a reasonable personal guarantee.

Cancellation Charges

Some companies, including PSG Rent a Car offer free cancellation up to 48 hours before the renting date. So you should always choose such a company that is flexible with the customers. Never skip checking the rent policy of the company before booking.


Can you negotiate renting?

Rental rates are open to discussion, of course. Many first-time renters, and even some seasoned renters, may be unaware that the price listed in a listing can really become a jumping-off point for discussions.

Are car rental prices negotiable?

You may be able to negotiate a lower rate if you are able to convince the automobile rental company that you are standing in front of them right now. Furthermore, there are occasions when they engage in extensive bargaining. If you feel awkward bartering, you should still do it.

Why are rental car fees so high?

Since there aren’t enough to go around, car rentals are extremely pricey in 2022. During the epidemic, car rental agencies auctioned off most of their fleets. Costs are high because supply cannot keep up with the demand. The production of new automobiles has also been hampered by the worldwide shortage of microchips.

How do you ask for discount on rent?

Express your desire for a long-term commitment by stating something like, “I love this place. Regrettably, X is the sum total of my personal financial resources. Is that something you’d be willing to do in exchange for a longer lease term? Another alternative might be to ask for a free month, instead of a decreased charge.

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