Vehicle and mobile snatch daily reports in Citizens Police Liaison Committee in Karachi. This issue is increasing fastly day by day. To solve this issue, the citizens register their snatched vehicles and mobile reports in the department of the Citizens Police Liaison Committee. Who will assist in tracking and recovering snatched vehicles and mobile? This report is to awareness among the citizens of Karachi about the fame of registering their cars and mobile phones with CPLC. We will talk bout the complete guide of report CPLC vehicle and mobile snatched in Karachi.

Report CPLC Vehicle and Mobile Snatched in Karachi

Report CPLC Vehicle and Mobile Snatched in Karachi

Process of Registration

Citizens can easily register with CPLC by going to their website or the office closest to them. You will provide basic information from them, including their name, contact information, car make, model, and registration number, as well as the brand and IMEI number of their mobile phone. The CPLC database, which the police can access in the event of theft, will then contain a record of this information. Follow these instructions.

  • Call the CPLC 24/7 Call Center at 1102 021-35662222 & 021-35682222 to report a lost, snatched, or stolen mobile phone or vehicle.
  • Include the IMEI number of the lost, snatched, or stolen mobile phone with any other pertinent information. In the event of cars, you will need an FIR from the police station.
  • While the vehicle information is given to Sindh’s Excise and Taxation Department, information on stolen, lost, or stolen mobile phones are sent to PTA for distribution of blocking instructions to all mobile network operators.
  • Within 24 hours, mobile network operators block stolen, lost, and snatched mobile phones.


In conclusion, signing up with CPLC is a practical solution for people to prevent the theft of their cars and cell phones. Citizens can contribute to developing a safer and more secure neighborhood by offering basic information and taking an active role in crime prevention. All Karachi residents are urged to register their cars and mobile phones with CPLC in order to help lessen crime in our community.


How to report a mobile snatched in CPLC Karachi?

Call the CPLC 24/7 Call Center helplines at 1102, 021-35662222, or 021-35682222 to report a lost, snatched, or seized mobile phone.

What does CPLC stand for in the vehicle?

CPLC Citizens-Police Liaison Committee.

How does CPLC work?

The CPLC communicates closely with the police and places a strong focus on enhancing police performance by encouraging involvement in their work. It created a variety of criminal databases that are utilized daily by the police for operational purposes and oversees them.

How do I clear my CPLC?

Please bring these documents with you:

  • A Letter from a police station (Original)
  • A copy of the CNIC
  • A copy of the registration book or the roznamcha report
  • A complaint from the complainant or the owner (as per CPLC Database)

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