Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd (AGTL) is a well-known established tractor company in Pakistan. We will present Al Ghazi 7056 Tractor’s Price, specs, and features in Pakistan 2023. Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd manufactures tractors according to New Holland technology. In fact, New Holland is a multinational agricultural vehicle company that plants in every country in the World Pakistan are produced the cheapest and most affordable tractors in the world. Foreign country customers like better to purchase tractors from Pakistan. we are sharing the latest information on Al Ghazi 7056 Tractor price in Pakistan 2023.

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs and Features

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor Price

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor Price

The expected price Al-Ghazi NH7056 is Rs. 3,892,000 in Pakistan in 2023.

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor Specs

The Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor is a powerful farm machine. Tractor specs:


  • Four-stroke, turbocharged diesel powers the Al-Ghazi 7056.
  • The 4.4-liter engine produces 110 horsepower.
  • An intercooler boosts engine efficiency.
  • 145 liters fuel the tractor.


  • The tractor has a smooth-shifting 12-speed synchromesh transmission.
  • A creeper gear controls the transmission’s four high-range and three low-range gears.


  • A 54-liter-per-minute hydraulic system powers the tractor.
  • Two remote valves operate various implements and attachments.


  • 540/1000 RPM live PTO on the Al-Ghazi 7056.
  • Dashboard push buttons activate the PTO.


  • Hydrostatic power steering makes tractor steering easy.
  • Dual-circuit, oil-immersed disc brakes provide excellent stopping power.


  • Tractor tyres are 18.4-30 rear and 13.6-24 front.
  • In rough terrain, the rear tyres have a differential lock.


  • Al-Ghazi 7056s have a 2.35-meter wheelbase.
  • The tractor is 4.2 meters long, 2.28 wide, and 2.76 high.
  • Tractors weigh about 4,250 kg.
  • The Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor’s major features vary by model and options.

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor Features

The heavy-duty Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor has many features to improve performance, comfort, and convenience. Several things distinguish this tractor.

Spacious cabin: The tractor’s roomy and ergonomic cabin provides optimal operator comfort. A comfy seat, a tilting steering wheel, and air conditioning make the cabin a pleasant workplace.

Efficient engine: The tractor has a 110-horsepower four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine. Farmers can choose an eco-friendly engine with high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Transmission: The tractor’s 12-speed synchromesh gearbox makes shifting easy. The transmission’s creeper gear improves low-speed handling.

Strong hydraulics: The tractor can create 54 liters per minute of hydraulic flow. Its two remote valves allow it to operate a variety of implements and attachments, making it a versatile machine for farming.

Living PTO: The tractor has 540/1000 RPM live PTO. A dashboard button activates the PTO.

Dependable brakes: The tractor’s dual-circuit, oil-immersed disc braking system stops even in difficult terrain.

Differential lock: The tractor’s rear differential lock improves traction in difficult terrain.

Big fuel tank: With a 145-liter fuel tank, the tractor can go for longer without refueling.

Versatile tyres: The tractor’s 18.4-30 rear tyres and 13.6-24 front tyres offer great traction and stability on various terrains.

These attributes make the Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor a powerful and adaptable heavy-duty agricultural tractor for farmers.


Pakistani farmers need the heavy-duty Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor. This tractor is adaptable and trustworthy for a variety of farming applications due to its powerful engine, smooth transmission, efficient hydraulics, and comfortable cabin. The Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor is reasonably priced in Pakistan, starting at PKR 3,892,000 for the base model. Model and options affect the price. The Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor is suitable for farmers that need a powerful, efficient, and comfortable machine for their agricultural work. This tractor will assist Pakistani farmers to boost output with its superior specs and features.


What is the price of Al-Ghazi 7056 2023 in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s 2023 Al-Ghazi NH7056 pricing is Rs. 3,892,000.

Who manufactures Al Ghazi tractors?

In 2021, Al-Ghazi Tractors would have a 29 percent market share as one of Pakistan’s two largest tractor producers. Tractors by Al-Ghazi Ltd. The firm is jointly owned by the UAE conglomerate Al-Futtaim Group and the American machinery maker CNH Industrial.

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available for the Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor in Pakistan?

I cannot access Pakistani Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor discounts or promos as a model. For the latest specials and discounts on the Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor, check with authorized dealerships or their website. These incentives may vary by dealership or region and have terms and limitations.

Which tractor is best now?

Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor is the best tractor for forming.

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