This article is representing the Zoomlion tractor price in Pakistan, specs, and features. Zoomline has launched a number of framing machinery. They are available very cost-efficient for the farmers. This tractor has spread according to a common farmer. If you are a farmer and need to buy a low-budget tractor in Pakistan, Zoomline tractor will be the best choice for you. The Zoomline tractor consists of amazing features which will fulfill your requirements for harvesting. This article will provide complete detail of Zoomline tractor price in Pakistan in 2023. 

Zoomlion Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs and Features

Zoomlion Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs and Features

Zoomlion Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

The Zoomlion Mini tractor has not yet been made available in Pakistan, despite the fact that the company has already produced eight tractors. Several models and pricing points of this truck, sometimes known as the Chinese tractor, are now on the market. This model is sold by their dealers in the price range of 2–3 lakh Pakistani rupees. The market value of this car wasn’t particularly high at first, but as more and more people have come to trust it, its popularity is growing. So don’t procrastinate if you’re a tiny farmer with a tiny budget for getting your very own agricultural tractor. But, before committing to the price, please see the table below.

Zoomlion Tractor Specs

The Zoomlion RC1104 tiny tractor is the only one of the company’s tractors that may be purchased in Pakistan. I am currently only detailing the product’s features and requirements. When I learn more about the release of a new Zoomlion tractor in Pakistan, I’ll be sure to post it here for your convenience.

Model RC1104
Horse Power 12HP
Dimension (L×W×H) 4500×2035×2865
Wheelbase 2195
Min. operation weight 4040
Min. ground clearance 445
Rated power 81
Clutch type double actingion
Gearbox 16F+8R
Brake type Wet & disk type
Tyre   speci?cation (front/reverse) 12.4-24/16.9-34
Hydraulic lifter type Separated, position and ?oating control
Max. lifter force 19.5
Hydraulic output 2-way multi-unit valve
Hydraulic suspension system II. Three-point rear suspension
Traction force 26.04
PTO speed 760/850, optional 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin Cabin

Zoomlion Tractor Features

Zoomlion tractors are durable, versatile, and technologically advanced. These attributes make Zoomlion tractors popular for agricultural and other heavy-duty applications:

  • Zoomlion tractors have a computerized dashboard, GPS, and auto-steering. This technology improves efficiency and accuracy, making farming easier.
  • Zoomlion tractors have powerful engines for heavy-duty work. Fuel-efficient engines lower operational costs.
  • Zoomlion tractors have ergonomic chairs, air conditioning, and a roomy cabin. Reduces driver fatigue and boosts productivity.
  • Zoomlion tractors are available in a number of sizes and configurations for agriculture and construction. Several attachments and implements can be used with them.
  • Zoomlion tractors are modular and have accessible service locations, making repairs and maintenance simple.
  • Zoomlion tractors have ROPS and seat belts. These features protect drivers in accidents.
  • Zoomlion tractors have sturdy frames and high-quality parts. They are trustworthy and durable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Zoomlion tractors are environmentally clean and fuel efficient. Farming and other heavy-duty activities have a less environmental impact.

Zoomlion heavy-duty tractors are reliable and efficient. Zoomlion tractors’ modern technology, powerful engines, and diverse features will boost farmers’ production and efficiency.


In conclusion, farmers and other users in Pakistan favor Zoomlion tractors because of their many cutting-edge features and capabilities. Zoomlion tractors in Pakistan in 2023 will likely be priced similarly to other leading brands, however, this will depend on the precise model and options chosen. In 2023, Zoomlion tractors in Pakistan will likely be equipped with a number of desirable characteristics, such as powerful motors, sophisticated gearboxes, roomy cabs, sturdy frames, a great deal of lifting capacity, a wide variety of attachments, simple upkeep and repair procedures. In 2023, if you’re looking to buy a new tractor in Pakistan, you might want to consider a Zoomlion model. Nevertheless, before making a final decision, it’s necessary to conduct some comparison shopping.


What is the price range for Zoomlion tractors in Pakistan?

Its dealers sell the Zoomlion for between two and three lakh Pakistani rupees.

What are the specifications of Zoomlion tractors available in Pakistan in 2023?

Specifications: 12L; Length: 4500mm; Width: 2035mm; Height: 2865mm; Depth: 2195mm; Wheelbase: 2195mm; Minimum Work Load (in Kilograms): 4040

What are the key features of Zoomlion tractors available in Pakistan in 2023?

Key features of Zoomlion tractors: Efficient engines, Advanced transmission, Comfortable cabins, Strong and durable frames, High lifting capacity, and Versatile attachments.

What is the expected availability of Zoomlion tractors in Pakistan in 2023?

It’s possible that factors like production capacity, market demand, and model availability will affect how soon in 2023 Zoomlion tractors become available in Pakistan. Zoomlion dealers and distributors in Pakistan are the ideal people to contact for the most up-to-date information on stock.

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