In this article we brief about Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model. Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model is mostly more expensive than other tractors.  Massey Tractor 385 is a power full 4WD tractor. Meanwhile, it is known as a king. Because it is used in Dragging and loading. It is manufactured by millat group.  Millat group has huge and loyal fan base for over 50 years. People have blindly trusted millat group products. It always produced standers quality tractors in Pakistan. Milaat group produced a tractor in Pakistan by the name of Massey Ferguson’s its latest technology featured, Power, and build quality material made it the No. 1 choice.  Millat Tractor Company is located in Lahore. Its authorized dealers are available all over Pakistan.


   Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model and specifications

Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model and specifications

Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

Pakistan is an agricultural country. So Tractors are important machinery for Pakistan. Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model mentioned here.

Massey Tractor 385(2-WD) 2,142,000 Rs
Massey Tractor 385(4-WD) 2,782,000Rs

Features and Specifications Massey Tractor 385 2022 Model 


The Features and Specifications of the Massey Tractor 385 2022 Model are as under.

The engine of Massey Tractor 385 2022 Model

Type 4.41 Injection Direct
Displacement 85 hp Bore 101mm
Capacity 4.1 stroke 127 mm
Compression Ratio 15:3:1 Cooling Air-cooled
Oil cooler Water cooled Exhaust Vertical
No. of cylinders 4 Starting Aid thermostat
Fuel Filter Dual High Air Cleaner Oil bath
Aspiration Natural Throttle control Hand and Foot


Massey Tractor 385 2022 Model Electrics

  • Voltage                                        12volt, with negative earth
  • Battery capacity                             96 Ah
  • Starter of 2.8 Kw and alternator 45 Amp

Massey Tractor 385 2022 Model Clutch

Type Dual
Diameter 305×254 mm
Lining material Cerametallic


 Dimension and Transmission 

Ground Clearance once 34 cm (13.4inch) Outer side frame width 5.5 ft.
Pump flow capacity 4.3 gal/min. Torque 1400 amp
Overall Height 2485 mm Maximum speed 17.8 mph
Overall length 3810 mm Rear tire 18.4/15-30 (6PR)
Overall width 1871 mm Steering type Hydrostatic
 Front Tire 7.50-16 (6PR) Rear Axel 1423-2134 mm
Wheelbase Front Axel 1376-1944 mm
Transmission type Sliding spur No. of gears 8 forward and 2 reverse


 Fuel capacity

Tank Fuel 108 liter Oil bath air cleaner 0.7 liter
Engine ( sump) 7.5 liter Cooling system 15.2  liter
Axel differential 5.6 liter Hydraulic System 47.4 liter
Hub 1 liter Power steering 2 liter


 Equipment of Massey Tractor 385

The new model has the following latest equipment and tool kits.

  • Chain stabilizers
  • Seats are spring suspension
  • Fender is a flat top
  • Operators are manual
  • Weight frame is without frame
  • One top link
  • Balls are cat-I and cat-II
  • One check chain and swinging 9-hole drawbar
  • Outlet hydraulic control
  • Electric switch (external)
  • Ac or Non Ac cabin
  • ROPS style sun canopy
  • Front weights
  • An adjustable Pintle hook


  • Maximum PTO power @ 2200 rpm is 74 hp
  • Maximum Engine power @ 2200 rpm 85 hp
  • Maximum of torque at 1600 rpm      291 nm

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