The famous car brand’s car is a refined two-seater that runs faster and smoother.  Most two-seater car owners are celebrities and businessmen. They use these cars because they move faster, so the vehicle owner can get to the specific place in less time and not save them from wasting. In Pakistan, the need for two-seater motors is minimum due to the fact they’re luxurious automobiles, however their terrific efficiency. As a result, we’ve compiled a listing of fees for two-seater car prices in Pakistan for 2023 and Specs. The value of a two-seater vehicle varies between 10 lakhs and a million rupees of Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023 Specs, relying on the organization that designed it, Because two-seater automobiles are gaining a reputation within side the car industry, many famous vehicle producers are currently developing them.

Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023

There are different models of Two-seater cars with different features and specifications. The list of all variants is given below.

List of Two Seate Cars

  • BMW Z4
  • Daihatsu Copen Robe
  • Honda S660
  • Toyota C-Plus Pod
  • Super Power E
  • Toyota IQ

Two Seater Cars Specifications in Pakistan 2023

Multiple designs according to specific functionalities and key features are given to all variant models with prices. The BMW, Honda S660, Daihatsu Copen Robe and many other models are given bellow.

BMW Z4 Price and Specs in Pakistan 2023

The fee of this vehicle is extra than the alternative two-seater vehicle due to the fact it’s far a luxurious sports activities vehicle that is available in a package of features. The value of BMW relies upon the general condition, and the engine’s overall performance dramatically subjects the up and down inside the fee of this vehicle. Primarily, if the automobile crashes one time, then the notches of crashes lower its fee and drop its fee from the authentic and marketplace fee of the automobile.

Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2022 Specs

Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023 Specs

Model BMW Z 4
Price 8690000/- PKR

Daihatsu Copen Robe two Seater Care Price 2023

This car is greater high priced than the opposite two-seater automobiles due to the fact it’s far a luxurious sports activities automobile with plenty of amenities. The rate of a BMW is decided through its popular condition, and the engine’s overall performance has a good-sized effect on the rate of this automobile. If an automobile crashes simply once, the notches of the crash lessen its really well worth and decrease its rate from the car’s authentic and marketplace rate.

Model Daihatsu Copen Robe
Price 19,80000/- PKR

Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2022 Specs

Price and Specification of Honda S660

Honda S660 could be very reasonable and without problems on hand in Pakistan. The charge is akin to the five-seater car. Still, it’s far due to the extremely good features, along with multifunctional steering, sunlight hours going for walks lights, electrically powered mirrors, moon roof, car weather manipulate air con, opposite sensors, navigation system, and opposite cameras. After reading those features, the charge isn’t so high.

Model Honda S660
Price 2825000/- PKR

Two Seater Cars Prices in Pakistan 2022 Specs

The Honda S660 is a two-seater small convertible automobile with a roll-lower back material top. Coming to the engine of this compact automobile has a six-velocity guide or CVT transmission mechanism. In easy words, it’s far to be had in each computerized transmission and guide transmission. And the displacement ability of this automobile is 660cc. In addition, the rapid three-cylinder engine on this automobile yields a whopping sixty-six horsepower.

Toyota C-Plus Pod price and Specifications

It’s a compact, lightweight automobile that’s best for prolonged excursions. Furthermore, the Toyota C plus pod is 680 kg in weight and measures ninety-eight inches lengthy with aid of using fifty-one inches wide. Aside from that, the automobile’s battery-powered fuels are designed to keep strength and limit pollution. It saves an extensive sum of money on gas and habitual maintenance. It is likewise powered with the aid of using a 9.1 kW lithium-wool battery that may move ninety-three miles while absolutely charged.

Model Toyota C-Plus Pod
Price 2600000/- PKR

Super Power E

The automobile has now no longer been placed to release in Pakistan so its rate isn’t always expected. It does have the involvement of the intense degree of gasoline performance too. This automobile has been growing the principal appeal of the customers due to its lot of awesome features. It is a whole lot easy and snug to power on hard hard roads very easily. It is installed with the attachment of the Sachs surprise absorber with the insurance of adjustable rebound damping. Hence for the rider, it’s far offering one hundred fifty mm wheel travel. It does have a dry weight of 181 kg all at the side of an experienced top of 850 mm.

Model Super Power E
Price 700000/- PKR


There are multiple models of two Seater Cars, their prices, and Specifications according to integration and additional key features. We will elaborate latest prices, key Features, and Specifications of all Variant designs and models in 2022. All Variant models of Two Seater cars and their expected prices are included in this unique article where all car’s model prices with specifications and expected prices 0f 2022 in Pakistan are elaborated.


Which is the best two seater car in Pakistan?

  • 2016 Chevrolet Corvette
  • 2016 SRT Viper

What is the cheapest car in Pakistan 2023?

The alto is the cheapest car in Pakistan.

what is the latest mini electric car in Pakistan?

The china mini Electric car is the latest car in Pakistan 2023.


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